Keep Middlesex Moving Presents: Moving Safe Routes to School Bike Rodeo

June 5th | 10:00am at North Parking Lot (behind JCPenney)


A bike rodeo is a bicycle safety course composed of multiple stations set up in a schoolyard or closed parking lot. Participants bring their own bicycles. This activity benefits children of all ages but is ideal for grades 1-5. Each exercise station helps students learn the right way to bicycle on the trail or the road and practice these skills in a safe, supervised setting. KMM can help plan your bike rodeo, layout the safety course, and train volunteers. The course is flexible and can be arranged to accommodate the amount of space. The exercises can be modified for the number of volunteers, participants, and the children’s ages and skill levels.

Stations and Exercises:

  1. Helmet Fitting
  2. Bicycle Safety Check (ABC Quick Check)
  3. Start & Stop
  4. Avoidance Weave
  5. Over the Shoulder Scan
  6. Turns and Hand Signals
  7. Proper passing, “On your left!”
  8. Rock Dodge
  9. Quick Stop
  10. Balance Races


  • ●Students learn important skills for riding on the trail or road
  • ●Students ride on a safe, closed course
  • ●Bicycles get a maintenance check
  • ●Students receive a free helmet if they don’t have one