Canvas Project

Jennifer Mele is an abstract painter and expressive artist based out of Ewing, NJ. She also owns a private practice as a licensed clinical therapist in Lawrenceville. In addition, Jen leads workshops and retreats combining painting, yoga and meditation.

Join us on Saturday, January 20th from 12-4pm in Center Court when Jenn shows off her talent as an artist.

Art stirs emotion, sparks curiosity and provides connectivity. Local artists make our community vibrant through their craft. An artist's use of subjects, color, texture and composition expresses feelings and creates an unexplainable emotional connection to the world around us.

To highlight these talented and passionate community leaders, we're bringing them here to their art with you live, in person and in progress.

Watch as pieces of art come to life right before our eyes!

As you admire their work, feel free to ask them about their other projects, their inspirations and their aesthetic. Consider how you can your family can spark creativity at home. ask them how  you can get involved in making your community a more beautiful place.


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