Rustic Blossom

Robin Anntoinette and her seven-year-old daughter, Davia Mone’t are known for being innovative, adventurous, creative, and kind-hearted. With eyes for design, the duo built a fashion, clothing, and beauty line called Rustic Blossom. The brand is a mall-retailer and is also available online. Rustic Blossom is set to provide consumers with fresh apparel designs, skin care, and beauty products made for all ages. Rustic Blossom encourages its wearers to embrace their body types and enhance their assets rather than cover them up. Besides clothing, the line also carries a collection of jewelry.


Rustic Blossom was born out of Robin Anntoinette’s first company called In His Arms Productions. Founded in 2012, the company strives to support creative thinkers and bring life to their vision. Most of the company’s productions are based on the works of Robin herself. The founder began her career as a humble playwright who sold out prominent venues for her plays. Among her most notable works is the gospel play entitled A Second Time Around, later on renamed as the Redemption Plan. The play was a success, gaining positive reviews both from critics and audiences nationwide.